Why your blog purpose matters (when you want more readers to notice you)

People blog for a wide variety of reasons, even business owners and authors. Some use their blog to improve their search engine optimisation and drive more traffic to their site where they may be selling a product or a service. Others also want to get known, liked and trusted and seen as an expert in a specific field. And all want more readers!

The good thing is, that when your blog showcases your knowledge or your talent, your readers are more likely to turn into loyal readers, join your list and become potential future buyers.

Saying that, the above mentioned reasons are probably not going to motivate you enough to write when juggling lots of other priorities. (Blogging is rarely a number one priority unless you're a 'blogging guru'.)

Want more readers? Understand the deeper reason why you blog

It's when you have a deeper reason for your blogging, and you feel passionately about it, that good things are likely to happen:

  1. You’re more likely to invest time and energy into your blog on a consistent basis
  2. You're less likely to stop blogging when the going gets tough
  3. You will rarely be short of ideas
  4. Your readers will be able to relate to you more

The last point is more important than most people realise. To get noticed more by the right readers you need to remember that your blog is about more than your chosen topic.

'You' are a vital part of your blog too. Without you, your blog would be like millions of other blogs on the web. And readers want to know what's special about you.

Your blog purpose can be expressed in different ways. As a mission statement on your site, as a story on your About page or a short elevator speech in your blogging bio.

And your blog purpose can be often be sensed in your writing too -  all important information that contributes to building trust between you and your reader.

Below is a video in which we explain how thinking about you and your blogging motivation underpins everything you do in your blog - especially when you want more readers to notice you. (It introduces our popular Magnet course too which delves much deeper into the topics we have covered in this blog series)

You and your blog - the content of our video

  •  Start - The questions you want to be able to answer about your blog
  •  2:00 - The questions every blogger asks
  •  3:00 - Important statistics and reasons why your blog needs to stand out
  •  5:00 - Most bloggers give up and the reasons why
  •  5:56 - What happens when your blog doesn't stand out
  •  6:44 - Or what happens when you don't have a clear focus
  •  7:37 - The right focus creates clarity
  •  9:22 - What are your vision and goals for your blog - you choose
  • 10:35 - Understanding your motivation helps you to measure your progress
  • 12:24 - Vision, motivation and passion
  • End -  An introduction to magnetising the right readers with our Magnet course

Watch the video here:


PS Would you like some help with writing your mission statement, or how to attract more loyal readers?

Please check out our course "How to make your blog an irresistible Magnet"

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Ute Wieczorek-King

Ute Wieczorek-King (co-founder of Attract Readers and founder of Success Network) is an experienced business coach/ mentor/ trainer who started blogging 15 years ago and has written for Huffington Post and other sites. She believes in blogging as the perfect medium to share your voice and get known, liked and trusted - especially when you're a little shy. Ute ran the first government funded social media courses in the South East in 2009 and has worked with Corporates, Charities, Start-up Academies and many independent women in business.

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