Unlock the power of your unique voice – so you can whisper and still be heard


Learn how to use your unique voice to make a real difference to your readers. 

Our “Unlock the power of your unique voice ecourse” offers you new clarity and a genuine way to connect with the people you can help now. Because so much has changed.

Our new normal is different to the world we used to know. In a crisis you don’t always know who you can trust or indeed whether people still trust you. Can you just carry on doing what you’ve done before?

How can you get heard now?

You are certainly not alone in wondering what to say now or how to say it in your blog. Even when you know your voice and think your message is clear, we don’t always use it to its full potential in our blog. It could make all the difference at a time like this.

We are Jean Wolfe and Ute Wieczorek-King, and we know from personal experience how easy it is to feel unsure of our place in the blogging world when something happens that pulls the floor from under our feet.

It is why we adapted some key thinking from our upcoming book into an ecourse. The first two in May and June 2020 received great reviews and so we will run the next one in the autumn. We know that it offers some of the answers you need to know at a time like this. 

Do you want to unlock the power of your unique voice?  It is more important than ever to turn your voice up a notch in an honest and authentic way. This means without any shouting or hustling so you too can make a difference in as little as 12 days.


What previous course participants told us

“I am only on Day 7 but have every intention of finishing the course. It has been great already and helped me to focus on my blog and my wider marketing strategy. I have worked out how to use my blog better which is giving me a clear direction. I am launching my latest novel, The Long Marriage later this year and your course is even helping me to devise a launch strategy. The email format is good too in that I can fit it round everything else, very useful in these strange times. Thank you!”
Gill Buchanan
“When I did the Values exercise on Day 5 I realised that I wasn’t expressing something that is really important to me… self-respect. I also never thought about how I want to be seen, which is very useful too. I like all the thinking and writing exercises and now feel that my voice is getting so much clearer. Thank you for this excellent course. It has given me the direction I needed.”
Anonymous by request
“You’ve written an excellent course, lots of thought has gone into it. I liked your personal and exploratory style of writing and thought provoking questions. I also enjoyed doing the exercises and they have either highlighted or confirmed everything that is really important for me and my writing. It was good that the course was offered via email over 12 days and I am happy I can revisit the days when I want to.”
Mary Fraser


5 powerful ways this ecourse will help you

You will…

  • get noticed online with authenticity and total clarity about what you stand for in the new normal
  • know what to say in your blog NOW and how to say it in your unique voice with more conviction
  • discover the importance of your own stories and know when and how to write them
  • write with renewed energy (no more writer’s block!) knowing you have an authentic strategy in place to make a greater impact with your voice
  • have a respite from current worries by creating a daily connection with yourself

Unlock the power of your unique voice in 12 lessons

1. Why blogging is still the go-to medium for women to reach readers

2. Your unique blogging voice – why is it so important? Isn’t it a given?

3. Your message matters – and guess what, your age and experience do too!

4. Define your destination to help you connect better in the new normal 

5. Why you must find your uniqueness – we will show you how

6. Your blog mission – be crystal clear what your blog is all about

7. Your boundaries – you want to be open but do you need to be vulnerable online? 

8. The magic of unlocking and strengthening your unique voice

9. How to claim your story – because it has more power than you realise

10. How to write your story so readers want to connect with you

11. Ways to let your ABOUT page reflect the real you 

12. Writing in your unique voice – How to put it all together

How does it work?

  • You will receive 12 daily emails (we won’t write to you on Saturdays or Sundays)
  • Our approach is supportive, non-technical (we don’t speak in jargon!) and everything you need will be sent to your inbox in manageable chunks
  • Most of the emails are in written format. The most important topics will also include an audio alternative to listen to. And we may provide some additional audios with further ideas to highlight key points
  • All but the first lesson contain some clear suggestions for you to try out, including some writing prompts
  • You can work through your material in your own time whenever it suits you

How much does it cost?

Our longer courses have cost upwards of £87 per person. But to go with the changing times we want you to choose what you can pay. There are three options:

Choose from these 3 options


Place: your own laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet or wherever you get email or can access the internet.

You will need: an open mind, a wish to get your voice heard, and 20-60 minutes per ‘lesson’ for the exercises.

Satisfaction Guarantee


If you are not satisfied with your e-course in any way, we will give you a full refund within the first week of the course. No questions asked.


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Who are we?

We are two women past the first flush of youth who love writing our blogs and are successful in helping others.

Since we started blogging in 2007, we have reached more people more easily by being authentic in building a good reputation online. We combine our business coaching, marketing and blogging expertise in this course, together with our experience in offering blog training.

jean WolfeJean Wolfe, Creative Spark Communications, is an established marketer, writer and a previous radio broadcaster. Jean’s skills include helping women to speak up for their way of doing business. She is fascinated by the fact that blogging is often more enjoyable than writing a website, and feels this is a more authentic way to market a business. She has been a teacher, publicist for book authors, and marketed and sold solar electric products internationally.

Ute Wieczorek-King, Success Network, is an experienced business owner, trainer and mentor who helps midlife women to get known liked and trusted online. Ute believes in blogging as the best way for female entrepreneurs (particularly those who are a little shy) to raise awareness of who they are and how they make a difference in the world. She has written several e-books and 100s of blog posts, and has published posts on ‘The Huffington Post’ and ‘Prowess 2.0’.


Have any questions?

Q: “Do I have to have a blog to be able to take part?”

A: Yes, it is much better because then you will be able make the most of the “Unlock the power of your unique voice” course. Incidentally it doesn’t matter which platform you use (WordPress, Blogger, etc) or whether your blog is on your own website.

Q: “I’m really concerned about the technical language, are you sure I will understand it?”

A: This is not a technical course. We help you consolidate the foundations of expressing your unique voice. We are supportive and not remotely geeky, so no need to worry.
Keyboard with glasses

Q: “How will the “Unlock the power of your unique voice” course be delivered?”

A: This is an course that will start on 11 May 2020 and is delivered via email only over 12 days (excluding weekends)

Q: “How much time will I need for this course?”

A: It depends how much you know already and how excited you are about the changes you are making. We estimate 20-60 minutes per part or lesson and the maximum will depend on you. Any audios can be listened to as many times as you like. We hope you will do so well that it will be worth spending more time on this course.

Q: “What happens if can’t complete the course because I’m too busy?”

A: All the information will be there, waiting for you to access. Some people prefer doing the course daily, others store the lessons somewhere safe to catch up on them later.

Add New PostQ: “I am worried you may not understand what I want to do with my blog, which is probably different from everyone else.”

A: The most important thing is that you are clear about what you want your blog to do, and what it is all about. We have both have worked with hundreds of freelancers and business owners in workshops and more intensively with one to one clients. Provided you want to be a helpful voice on the planet it will be fine. Of course we don’t touch anything immoral, illegal or unpleasant, but then we don’t think you do either.

Q: “Are you available to give extra help along the way?”

A: We have a support system for our course participants, ranging from individual Skype or Zoom sessions to an ongoing support programme where we take you from zero to hero for as long as is necessary to make your blog the best it can be!