8 reasons why it’s important to reply to your blog comments

Reply to your blog comments

I don’t know about you, but I get quite excited whenever anyone leaves a comment on my blog!

Even after 10 years of blogging, it still gives me a satisfactory feeling that someone has taken the trouble to leave some feedback and say what they think about my post.

And the first thing I do, after having proved it is worth having (making sure it’s not from spammers, trolls and all that), is to reply to it.

It’s like receiving an email or a letter. It’s only courteous that you respond appropriately.

A silent acknowledgement doesn’t help the sender. How do they know you’ve received it? How do they know if it’s OK? How do they know that you appreciate it as much as I do every time I get a good one?

Here’s an Infographic that shows you why it’s important to reply to your blog comments:

8 reasons why it's important to reply to your blog comments

1. Blogging isn’t designed for a one-way conversation

The reason why blogs are different from websites is that they are designed to receive comments. That is what was called Web2.0 back then.

However, the poor old blog, where commenting was born, has been left out in the cold. The phenomenon has been superseded elsewhere.

Now there are lots of other ways and places to leave comments. Commenting has become the norm on social media and other interactive platforms.

However, bloggers should draw more attention to the fact that their readers can comment on their blogs. After all, you are blogging to your readers, not to yourself, and they should be made aware of that.

2. Isn’t it a bit rude to not get a reply?

Imagine yourself giving a presentation to a crowd of people. I have done, and it’s a pretty scary thing to do.

At the end it is customary to throw the chance out to your audience for their feedback. But how would they feel if they asked you a question and you ignored it?

Blogging isn’t as frightening as presenting, so you aren’t standing there suffering from stage-fright. Here is the opportunity to respond to their question and give the best answer you can.

The whole point of interaction is to give and take in equal measures. Don’t take without giving something in return.

3. Your readers are important to you, so show it

By replying to their comments, you are letting your readers know that you have

  • read their comment
  • understood it
  • appreciated their efforts
  • valued their relationship with you

You readers would really appreciate the attention you give them by replying. It makes them feel special, valued and happy.

And that can go a long way if you want to keep your readers on your side and get them read more of your posts.

4. You want to encourage your readers a bit more

Sometimes leaving a comment on your blog is as scary as asking a question at the end of a presentation. For your more nervous readers, this is quite a step forward for them.

Did you know that only about 10% of your readers may leave a comment, and only 1% of them do so regularly? By replying to those that make that jump, you are congratulating them for their efforts.

And the more you reply to your comments, the more likely they are to return and read more of your posts. And even comment again, especially if they know they’ll get a nice comment back from you.

5. Let’s keep the conversation going

Once I managed to keep a comment thread open with one reader for up to 20 comments, pinging back and forth as we conversed with each other over a particular subject.

For me that was exciting. It was before the rise of social media and the instant reply. It was a bit like having a text conversation, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There is no reason why commenting should be confined to just one polite reply. Ask another question (preferably open) or rephrase a statement to encourage your reader to respond again. This may even encourage other readers to join in. The more the merrier!

6. Give the impression you’re extremely popular

A sneaky little tip is by answering your comments, you are actually doubling the amount of comments you have to your post.

Now this gives the impression that you have lots of readers who are interested in what you write about. And there’s nothing more exciting than a crowd (or party). People are more curious about large happenings, as they want to know and be part of what’s going on.

And it’s not just your existing and potential readers who will be attracted to so many comments. The search engines will soon get wind of this, and start to rank you higher. Their algorithms are programmed to notice popularity, as this determines you as an excellent writer who attracts a lot of readers.

7. Take advantage of the feedback to give you more ideas

Sometimes the kind of comments you get will inspire you to write a detailed reply in return. (Let’s hope you get lots of those!)

However, once you’ve sat back and admired your handiwork, you may realise that what you have written could easily be adapted into a post of its own.

Inspiring and encouraging comments from your readers can easily present you with more blogging fodder for your next set of posts. After all, you need to write what your readers want to read. Therefore they are the best people to glean ideas from.

8. Use this form of interaction to make you more transparent

That can only be a good thing. Your readers will respond better to you if you come across as being more ‘human’ or ‘real’. It allows them to relate to you more.

And this is important. Just as people buy from people, readers need to feel a special kinship with their preferred bloggers. They need to know they can trust you to give them what they want. They need to know that whatever you write, you mean it and you aren’t deceiving them.

Your readers are quite vulnerable, and they would appreciate it much more if they also knew you were vulnerable too. Don’t be afraid to show your failures by owning up to your mistakes. And this also extends to your comments. If your readers correct you in the comment section, take it with good grace and thank them.

This is all part of forming a long-lasting relationship with your readers. The comment section is like a door that lets your readers into your blogging world. Make sure it is wide open and welcoming.

Now it’s your turn…

Here at Attract Readers we love to receive comments. So how about leaving us one?

The comment box is at the bottom of this post, and we promise to write you a reply as well!

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