Connecting mindfully – the secret to gaining insights and new ideas for your blog

connecting mindfully to gain new ideas for your blog

We know it isn’t always easy to find inspiring new ideas for your blog. Or to recognise when an idea is relevant. Often, when we ask clients if they have written about a particular experience, the answer is no. It had never incurred to them. Yet to us the relevance to their blog and their reader would have been obvious.

New ideas could be waiting for you everywhere. Each interaction, whether planned or random, could open your eyes to some new way of thinking or a problem you weren’t aware of. Even collaborations. But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about quality of connection. Because the more you connect with the right intent, the more trust it builds. The fact that this can also trigger creative thinking is just a welcome byproduct. A word or a story you hear, a mood or a memory can all lead to new ideas for your blog.  (It is, after all, how this post came about!)

Be present and enjoy the moment

I’m not saying you should look for new ideas in all your conversations. The intention is to see them as an opportunity to be in the moment, to listen and be present for the other person.

  • When impromptu blog or social media comments lead to a private exchange of messages
  • During the spontaneous coffee with a friend or video call with someone who lives far away
  • When you offer a quick hello and thank you to the delivery driver
  • Or have a little chat with the window cleaner. (Mine knows that he can confide how slow business really is.)

I’ve also had some fascinating little conversations in hospital clinics. They might start with a throwaway comment about waiting times or the weather (is this just a British thing?). I’m always amazed by where a simple “Isn’t it cold (or hot) outside today!” might lead…

Deepen those online connections

During the pandemic I started connecting with more social media friends and followers from all over the world. Especially with bloggers, creatives and writers who also value a satisfying two-way conversation.

It often starts with a more personal comment on social media, which is a blogger’s biggest ally!  It’s how social media was always meant to be – a place of connecting, sharing, attentive listening and learning.

Sometimes we even follow up with a video call. Recently I was on a 2 1/2 hour video call with an Instagram friend from another part of the world. Not only did we put the world to rights, we discovered we had so much in common! And we now stay in touch quite regularly and support each other‘s work.

Have you tried reaching out to someone you’d love to have a real conversation with?

Reflecting helps to “see” new ideas for your blog

Not every conversation will spark new ideas or get you to think more creatively. But being in the present moment could help you see something you are experiencing from a whole new perspective. Being present means noticing what’s going on for you too.

How has the conversation that you’ve just had touched you? Was there anything that surprised you? Something the other person may have said? How could you help each other? And how do you feel about that?

Taking a short moment to reflect rather than go straight back to what you were doing before, could lead to valuable insights. And suddenly there they are… those new ideas for your blog.

Saying hello is just the beginning

Next time you wonder whether to reach reach out to someone, please don’t let the moment pass. Why not be the first person to say “hello” and see where it takes you?!

Random conversations can be both joyful and eye opening and give you an insight into different beliefs and experiences. Whether just just enjoy the chat for what it is or end up making a new friend, the learning from these mindful conversations can be very powerful.

Ultimately you will both be gaining from a deeper connection. A wonderful win-win, don’t you agree?


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Ute Wieczorek-King

Ute Wieczorek-King is an experienced Business Owner, Trainer, Coach & Mentor. As co-Founder of Attract Readers she specialises in helping women to share their voice confidently through blogging to get known, liked and trusted online (especially when feeling a little shy). She ran the first government funded social media courses in the South East 13 years ago and has partnered with Corporates, Charities, Start-up Academies, and hundreds of independent women in business. Since taking up blogging in 2007 she has written for Huffington Post, Prowess UK, Attract Readers as well as her own blog.

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