The power of seeing your new blog as a valuable asset

What if you were to think of your new blog as a valuable asset – right from the start?

It could make all the difference especially when you hit one of the stumbling blocks that can affect blog writers:

  • Like the realisation that building a great blog takes time. Lots of time (which you don’t seem to have)!
  • Or the inevitable loss of enthusiasm when you run out of ideas or the readers stay away
  • Or when illness gets in the way as my Attract Readers colleague Jean and I found out this last year

To be fair, whether a blog is a creative project or a marketing tool for a freelancer, blogging is often only a tiny aspect of what we do. And it will compete with a zillion other things.

But as soon as you believe in your blog as a valuable asset, obstacles will be easier to overcome –  as is ‘picking up the pen’ again when you’ve had a break.

What is an asset in this context?

Here’s an example.

Have you ever thought about the deeper reasons why you network for your career or your business?

I hope it isn’t to get quick results, e.g instant business or job opportunities. (Because, sadly, that’s what some people seem to think.)

It is the building of a solid – not a fleeting – network of contacts.

A network of special people you can always rely on for introductions, referrals, or support – not just as a one-off. That is your asset! (I know because I ran networking events for 8 years and have networked for many more.)

Even activities such as exercising, dieting and meditating tend not to work quickly. Here, the asset we invest in is a healthier mind and body!

Growing Strawberries

How to appreciate your new blog as a valuable asset

  • Your blog may be free to read, but in time people will get to know you and your voice. And they will respect and trust your knowledge and experience.
  • The stories and lessons you share are unique to you which helps your blog to stand out.
  • The minute you get involved in something like blogging, you invest in your skill set and your personal development, which is always a great thing to do.
  • If your blog is part of a website because you have a business, then your blog will be the heart of your site – a valuable asset that will attract more of the right visitors.
  • Sometimes, you discover how popular your topic is when your blog comments, social shares and stats suddenly increase. (It pays to keep an eye on your blog stats.) But don’t worry if this doesn’t happen for your blog. Even a small blog audience can lead to fantastic new opportunities.
  • With blog visitors comes the chance for you to connect and expand your reach. Remember that your blog can be read day and night by people all over the world, regardless of where you are at a particular time. You may in fact be sunning yourself on a beach, having an operation or traipsing round a garden centre, as I am in the picture below.

Your blog speaks for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like nothing else can.

So, whether you are a self-employed blogger or a hobby blogger with a specific message, you are building an asset of great value!

What about financial gain?

I’m not talking about writing a post and getting new customers in return (for those who run a business). You certainly don’t want to disguise an informative or entertaining blog post as a sales message. This would defeat the point of blogging and could even put off readers.

This is how it works best:

A good post will attract new contacts that can (indirectly) introduce you to new paid projects, a book deal, a collaboration or a paid speaking opportunity. It could even lead to new job offers or long-term freelance projects – you never know!

Your blog could be the catalyst that leads to bigger and better things!

Even a free PDF report or free Ebook full of valuable answers (e.g. a selection of suitable blog posts) that you send to a potential customer, can lead to financial gain somewhere down the line.

That’s why each helpful post is worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes you can even monetise your asset directly by repackaging your blog content into paid products.

How about a book you can sell for a small fee? It will give you an even greater level of authority that is hard to put a price tag on.

Some bloggers even monetise their asset through advertising or writing sponsored posts.

A word of warning here: It’s best not to think of your new blog as a way to generate an income. It doesn’t really work that way. Most bloggers who make money with their blog have had to jump through a lot of hoops to get to where they are – this is not an easy ride and the reality is often quite stressful.

New growth out of old wood

What if you’re a personal blogger who doesn’t care about any of that?

Maybe you write about a deeply personal experience, a life changing illness or your life memories. Your blog is likely to be an expression of where you are in your life.

Saying that, please remember that it could also be a creative legacy you leave for your family and future generations. In other words, your new blog is an asset really worth investing time and energy in!

Does your blog have a purpose?

Everyone will have a different purpose when it comes to blogging. You may have given it some thought already but this could be a good opportunity to revisit your initial ideas.

Your purpose could become its guiding principle and future-proof your blog. For example, you will always know why you blog and what to write to keep your blog on track.

In fact, without a real purpose there will be very little in it for you. I’d go as far as saying that there is little point in starting.

If you haven’t yet thought about the purpose of your blog, how about finding a quiet space to think?

Maybe you’d like to sit down with a pen and an empty piece of paper.

Do you have an idea why you write a blog?

  • Is it about helping people?
  • Wanting to make a difference?
  • Learning new skills?
  • Expressing your passion for writing?
  • Establishing you as an expert?
  • Getting your business noticed?
  • Sharing information?
  • Telling your story, or leaving a legacy?
  • Is it a creative outlet?

Note down all the reasons what blogging means to you both on a personal and professional level. And if you are thinking of retiring (or have already retired), what will your blog do for you in this phase of your life?

Never underestimate the power of your purpose or your new blog as a valuable asset.

Whether this leads to new products or opportunities, to money, status, creative fulfilment or personal satisfaction, your blog will always be your own unique project that’s worth investing in – both today and in the future!

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Ute Wieczorek-King

Ute Wieczorek-King is an experienced Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor with a passion for helping women to find their unique voice, overcome obstacles to writing and get known liked and trusted online (especially when feeling a little shy). She ran her own women's network for 15 years, was the first to offer government funded social media courses in the South East and has since partnered with Corporates, Charities, Start-up Academies, and hundreds of independent women in business. Currently she is co-writing a guide to help solopreneurs, creatives and authors build an authentic online presence with their blog.

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