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Has your blog lost some of its magic? Or perhaps you've lost direction because the world is changing so much around you?

Do you want more people to know like and trust you?

If you don’t think people are reading your blog you may stop writing it. It then fails to be an asset.

Bloggers are still finding fame, fortune or fulfilment with their blog, and there is no reason why you can’t too. Your blog can be a major asset in achieving your goals and dreams.

Individual monthly blog support that gets resultsQuestions and answers

  • There are no group calls with lots of others so you have complete privacy (it's just you with Jean and Ute)
  • You get the benefit of different perspectives – business, marketing, blogging and personal development – to get quickly to the heart of the problem

Once you are clear about what is stopping you and you want to achieve, you will feel motivated and will find it much easier take the right action.

Our sessions are focused, but also fun and friendly.

As older women bloggers we know that you may not have the online confidence of someone in their twenties. But we can help you find your own voice online and engage better with your audience.

Growing plantsAttract Readers Monthly Support can help you:

  • Find clarity and renewed motivation and enthusiasm for your blog
  • Shorten the length of time before new people know like and trust you
  • Feel comfortable with letting your voice be heard
  • Focus on the right messages for you (and/or your business)
  • Enjoy your blog as a real personal or professional asset

Why listen to us?

We run our own businesses and help women with business, marketing, social media and blogging issues.

Mostly, though we are all-round supportive, friendly and inspirational blog tutors with a passion for helping older women bloggers authentically promote themselves online or make the world a brighter place.

Supporting questionsHere is how it works

This comprehensive Monthly Support Programme includes:

√ A 50-minute Zoom call

√ Weekly email support

√ Editorial schedule guidance

√ Post checking service

√ Confidence to drive your blog forward

Remember, we are there for you to support you every step of the way!

How our support helps

“I can be quite sceptical sometimes, but the support month fully met my expectations. It was the combination of support (without being judged) and your ability to answer all my questions which helped me make progress. I could also rely on you to provide specific steps to focus on each week.

"Best of all, you got what I was trying to do, and I had never had that with anyone before.

"The vagueness and lack of direction have gone and I have a sense of stability. It has really given me hope for my blog – quite a lot, actually! Watch out world.”

Catherine W ,

What will this cost?Growing Strawberries

A month's support is £197


Or 2 instalments of £107


Special deal for 6 months worth of support

Six months support is £167 per month


If you're not sure, or want to know more details about any of our options, please fill in the form below with your questions: