How not to let this blogging fear hold you back

Do you sometimes feel so nervous when you've written a blog post that you have serious doubts about publishing the post? Feeling this blogging fear is not nice especially when, deep down, you worry what your readers and potential customers will think of you. What if you're blurring the boundary between being professional and too transparent? What if you won't be able to maintain your privacy?

If that strikes a cord with you, then you may want to listen to my podcast about the blogging fear and loss of confidence many bloggers experience - especially those who own a business and offer a professional service but who are a little older than their competitors.

Please don't worry, it is a fear many of us share. I used to feel it too. And sometimes I would even stop writing for weeks and I would dread publishing anything. It's a fear that can paralyse you especially if you're a little shy online or are an introvert. But even when you're not, all this online self promotion doesn't always feel very authentic and meaningful.

Hear me talk about how I overcame my own blogging fear. You will also find out what mindset will help you to manage (or even lose) your fear so you can feel a lot more confident online.


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Ute Wieczorek-King

Ute Wieczorek-King (founder of Success Network) is an experienced business coach, mentor and trainer. She started blogging in 2007 and some of her posts have been published on Huffington Post and Prowess 2.0. Ute facilitated the first hands-on social media courses for Business Link in 2009 and has run 'social' courses for local councils, BME communities, charities and SMEs. She also held blogging workshops for a Start-up Academy and bootcamps for her clients and believes that blogging is the best way for women (particularly those who are a little shy) to promote themselves and get known.

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