How a Personal Stylist uses blogging to get noticed above the crowd

Use Style to get your blog noticed

Melanie Sarah Brewer was inspired to start blogging after attending one of Alice’s networking presentations. She immediately saw how blogging gets you noticed, and realised a blog would enable her business to reach a larger audience, and allow her to express her views and showcase her unique approach as a personal stylist.

When Alice noticed how quickly blogging had helped Melanie to stand out online, she invited her to share her experiences:

When and why did you start blogging?

“It was spring 2015, a fabulous time of year to start new projects.  I’d already been writing, through the eyes of a personal stylist, for a film and media platform, but when my own personal styling website was upgraded to become mobile-friendly, that was the right time to go a step further into blogging.”

When did the first notable result happen through your blogging? (And what was it?)

“Better dialogue. Within the first month I was already noticing prospective clients could begin a conversation about their wishes more easily. They were able to read about my personal styling approach via my blog on my website.  In the fast ‘fashion’ world, many view blogging as ‘so last year’.  However, since my business is all about refinement rather than fast-fashion, my blog definitely remains ‘this year’.  The blog is a resource for my audience, which they can enjoy at a convenient time to them and share via social media.”

What is the best thing to come out of your blogging?

“As a classically trained personal stylist it helps my business stand out from a crowd of image stylists, many of whom have been quickly trained in prescriptive ‘type’ styling.”

Has anything unusual happened to you or your business since you started blogging?

“Yes, a successful blogging project got in touch asking me to share about why blogging is a good thing – it was unexpected and great!”

Do you have any tips you’d like to pass on to other aspiring bloggers?

“Yes – start a blog!  If you’ve already got one, evolve it further with original content. Add your own stamp, your signature, share the story your way. And, of course, if you are sharing images of yourself, be your personal best. Don’t try to be someone else or someone else’s blog. Create your own blogging style – and see where it takes you.”

Melanie Sarah BrewerMelanie Sarah Brewer is a classically trained personal stylist and makeup artist with an expert background in textiles, and her business is based in Berkshire and its surrounds. Her focus is on refinement rather than fast-fashion and she is passionate about helping her clients enjoy clarity and confidence in their personal style and wardrobe; a heightened sense of wellbeing and a happier self-image. She loves speaking and presenting at events and contributes to The Luxury Channel. Check out her blog at

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