Tea for three: How a simple ritual helps Ute to focus

IMG_6361As Jean, Alice and I were discussing tea and our different preferences it occurred to me how something so simple, that only costs a few pennies a go, could become such a revered and important daily ritual.

My drink of choice

I, for one, only drink Earl Grey tea, and savour my first cup in the morning well before breakfast and before I start working. It is always a strong brew served in a big china mug. Size matters here as I enjoy the soft fragrance carried by the hot steam – for me this is by far the best wakeup potion ever.

In Germany, where I’m from, coffee is the preferred choice of hot drink and an important part of the afternoon ritual that involves ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ – a lot of socialising happens over coffee and cakes!

Indeed tea drinking has no real ceremony or ritual attached to it unless you’re in East Frisia in the far North. And therefore my heart always sinks when I’m in a café or restaurant and see a sorry looking teabag on a string dangling in a glass of hot water. You usually have to ask for milk, which may actually turn out to be cream or condensed milk. There’s nothing more unsuitable in my mind to spoil both the fragrance and flavour of my beloved tea.

It's all in the ritual

An important aspect of drinking tea for me is my actual tea making ritual. It usually starts from the moment I decide to take a break from working at my desk. And it continues with filtering and boiling freshly drawn water, pre-warming the teapot (if I’m making more than one cup), selecting the right cup or mug and adding the right amount of milk at the end.

Luckily I don’t think there is a generally accepted ‘right’ way of serving tea in the UK. Whilst there may be preferred types of tea and class or royalty-inspired tea ceremonies for some, I reckon the ‘right way’ is simply what we want it to be!

And who cares when drinking tea (or ‘putting the kettle on’) can put the world to rights? A cup of tea can help whether we’re stressed, tired or have just received some bad news.

It certainly helps me to gather my thoughts and focus when I feel a little overwhelmed by the length of my to-do list. With a hot cuppa by your side, you start to relax and everything can look so much clearer!

I’d love to know if you too have a favourite tea or tea making ritual? Why not let us know below?

Would you like to read more about our different preferences? Just click on the following links to read about Jean's and Alice's views on our 'Tea for three' topic. 

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