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We are Alice Elliott, Ute Wieczorek-King and Jean Wolfe, and we welcome you to AttractReaders™!

We have come together because blogging is a powerful part of our own businesses.

We have achieved a level of visibility that has created success, whether gaining new business, winning a prestigious award, developing a successful radio career or having content published by major online publications.

But even more, we know from personal experience how blogging and social media can seem daunting. Writing a popular post can seem like an impossible dream. We want to share what we have taken years and years to learn so that you can get there more quickly.

Attract Readers™ offers you a varied selection of blogging e-courses, specially designed to get your blog to attract more readers. And that is not all! ​We can also provide many levels of support depending upon your needs. Where else can you get three blogging experts' minds at one time to help your blog to succeed?

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The three of you got what I was trying to do, and I had never had that with anyone before. The vagueness and lack of direction have gone, and I have a new sense of stability.

Catherine W

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So you have no comments on your blog? Find out when not to worry about it

I know many of you worry when you see no comments on your blog. Hopefully I can help you understand the reasons why. And also, when comments matter, and when they don't.Many popular blogs written by well-known people attract lots of comments from engaged readers and this can set the bar very high for ordinary bloggers.It's a shame, because I come across many fabulous blogs with [...]

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The power of seeing your new blog as a valuable asset

What if you were to think of your new blog as a valuable asset - right from the start? It could make all the difference especially when you hit one of the stumbling blocks that can affect blog writers: Like the realisation that building a great blog takes time. Lots of time (which you don't seem to have)! Or the inevitable loss of enthusiasm when you run out of ide [...]

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How to safely say what you want to say with a blog.

                                                                    Have you ever found yourself saying something that surprises you?  You are having a conversation and you are broadly in agreement with the other person or people.  Suddenly you say something that is absolutely true for you and yet you haven’t said it quite in th [...]

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The blogging rules worth breaking when the pressure is on

  A good client of mine noticed recently that I seem to be publishing fewer posts than usual. Has my approach to blogging changed? I think it has. Discovering a few blogging rules worth breaking whilst feeling under stress, seems to have a lot to do with it. Initially I thought the diagnosis of my new chronic illness had caused a shift in my thinking. It was certain [...]

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