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Do you want to attract more readers to your blog?

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We are Alice Elliott, Ute Wieczorek-King and Jean Wolfe, and we welcome you to AttractReaders™!

We have come together because blogging is a powerful part of our own businesses.

We have achieved a level of visibility that has created success, whether gaining new business, winning a prestigious award, developing a successful radio career or having content published by major online publications.

But even more, we know from personal experience how blogging and social media can seem daunting. Writing a popular post can seem like an impossible dream. We want to share what we have taken years and years to learn so that you can get there more quickly.

Attract Readers™ offers you a varied selection of blogging e-courses, specially designed to get your blog to attract more readers. And that is not all! ​We can also provide many levels of support depending upon your needs. Where else can you get three blogging experts' minds at one time to help your blog to succeed?

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The three of you got what I was trying to do, and I had never had that with anyone before. The vagueness and lack of direction have gone, and I have a new sense of stability.

Catherine W

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Blogging has been a popular marketing tool for women in business for many years. But since 2014, the year we started helping you to improve your blogging with our blogging courses, we have seen the blogging world expand even more. The good news is that blogging is still a fabulous way to get known, and blogs continue to be hugely popular with readers too. But the real challeng [...]

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Why your blog purpose matters (when you want more readers to notice you)

People blog for a wide variety of reasons, even business owners and authors. Some use their blog to improve their search engine optimisation and drive more traffic to their site where they may be selling a product or a service. Others also want to get known, liked and trusted and seen as an expert in a specific field. And all want more readers! The good thing is, that [...]

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What has marketing to do with my blog?

You may not be interested in marketing your blog. You have written it from the heart.  It may be a deeply authentic experience especially if it records your personal journey through a difficult time. You really care about what you say and you want to help others. It feels as though you might be cheapening your message if you do something as sleazy as marketing.  The get [...]

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Make your blog stand out by focusing on the right readers

When I started my first blog (Success Network Recipes) in 2007, I knew I just wanted to write for business women.  And before long, my blog became a multifaceted resource with guest contributions from Alice Elliott and other women in the network I used to run. How to make my blog stand out wasn’t something I had to give much thought to! [...]

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