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Struggling to get your blog seen? Is social media not working for you?

You've published your carefully written post but are not sure how to get your blog seen by the right reader. It seems that people aren't finding you and you wonder what to do next.

Whether you are a business or personal blogger, you may not be using social media as confidently as a younger woman.

You have a good reputation and you are not impressed by everything that happens on social media. Or you find it overwhelming and don't know which platform to focus on most.

And although there is more than enough information out there, somehow it doesn't make sense, and you are not sure who to trust.

We know, because we are slightly older too and when we started to blog we had to overcome the same obstacles.

We can show you the right way to promote your post and attract more readers!

Our jargon-free 10-part online course 'Get your blog seen' will help you

  • Understand the most useful tools that help you reach more people more easily
  • Discover the best online attraction techniques for different social media sites
  • Know how to build those all-important relationships with your readers
  • Provide quality information and get the quantity right too
  • Discover the missing elements - the behind the scene social media stuff that makes your life easier
  • And, last but not least, know which results to interpret (and how!) that show you are succeeding
Our friendly online course – developed for women like you – will make it all seem easy and straightforward. You will get your blog seen and achieve great results with social media.  

"Get your blog seen in the right way in the right places"


"The information you provide each day is clear, well presented and easy to understand.  Your actions are really good at getting us stuck into the meat of the content and I enjoyed doing them.  I need to move through those phases from beginning to master!  You have given me the confidence to give it a go!"
Hatty Fawcett

You gain from the advice of three experts, Ute Wieczorek-King, Jean Wolfe and Alice Elliott, who write successful blogs and are passionate about supporting women to confidently reach a bigger audience.

We have all helped hundreds of business women with blogging and social media, both as private clients and in face-to-face and online workshops and seminars.

Why learn from us?

Because blogging is a powerful part of our own businesses.

We have achieved a level of visibility that has created success. Whether gaining new business, winning a prestigious award, developing a successful radio career or having content published by major online publications.

But even more, we know from personal experience how blogging and social media can seem daunting. We are not techno-geeks but real women with real businesses using blogging to make more difference.

Writing a popular post can seem like an impossible dream. We want to share what we have taken years and years to learn so that you can get there more quickly.

Alice ElliottAlice Elliott (Fairy Blog Mother) started blogging 11 years ago. During that time she has accrued a huge amount of knowledge in how blogging can promote a business and this contributed towards her winning a National UK Blog Award last year. She keeps abreast of any changes in the digital world, and blogs to share this knowledge. She specialises in teaching beginners how to blog through the WordPress platform, and believes good foundational training will help solve problems later in anybody's blogging career.

Jean WolfeJean Wolfe (Creative Spark Communications) is an established marketer, writer and radio broadcaster. Jean's skills include helping women to speak up for their way of doing business, both on the radio and the Internet. She is fascinated by the fact that blogging is often more enjoyable than writing a website, and feels this is a more authentic way to market a business. She has been a teacher, publicist for book authors, and marketed and sold solar electric products internationally.

Ute Wieczorek-King (Success Network) is an experienced business coach, mentor, blogger and trainer. Having run the first hands-on social media courses for Business Link, Ute delivered social courses to councils, BME communities, charities and SMEs. More recently she ran blogging events for a Start-up Academy and her solopreneur clients. As a German who writes in English she was a tentative blogger at first but has written hundreds of posts since, some of which are published by Huffington Post and Prowess 2.0.

"The course went way past my expectations. I like how you guys think, and I like how you make me think."
Doreen Gowing

How will this course help you?

If you feel frustrated by your blog's lack of visibility, this programme will help you engage more naturally and consistently with the appropriate social media.

Your blog will get seen and read by the right people and you will increase your visibility and reputation as their go-to-person!

EasyWe make our courses as easy as possible for you – both for learning and taking action. We offer our content in bite-size pieces so there is no overwhelm and you can focus on what is more relevant to you.

We like to keep everything simple, so you don’t have to worry about technology or not knowing what to do next.

With our help you can create an online presence that will make an impact amongst a wider audience. You will increase your visibility with potential customers and followers, and create more success for your business.

You will know what you need to do to place your blog posts in front of the right audience.

What you will learn in the 'Get your blog seen' ecourse

  1. Why quality and quantity matter to your reader
  2. How to link in to LinkedIn
  3. How to get the most from Twitter and Google+
  4. Getting visual impact through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
  5. Reformatting your posts as presentations or e-books
  6. How to nurture your reader so they stay with you
  7. The secrets that make your online life easier
  8. Understanding your blog's progress
  9. Experiencing the joy of measuring results
  10. Taking your blog forward and making it grow
"The three of you get what I was trying to do, and I have never had that with anyone before.  The vagueness and lack of direction have gone, and I have a new sense of stability."
Catherine W

How else will you benefit?

  • Get exclusive access to additional resources about using links, categories, headlines, keywords, hashtags, images, video and audio in your blog
  • Study where and when you want (one previous participant downloaded her lessons to read them on the bus every morning!)
  • Gain from the support of three experienced women who’ve been there, done it and got the medals to prove it
  • Answer ALL your questions or problems with one of our VIP Support options
  • No more trial and error whilst promoting your blog. You will save so much time not having to do your own research

Do you want to achieve a big goal? Make a difference?

BooksGetting your blog posts read by more people is the first step to a bigger goal. It gets people interested you, wanting to learn from you or be inspired by you.

Getting more readers means more people are getting to know you. More people who are willing to buy from you in future, whether it's a book, a course, a product or a service. It can also lead to invitations to be a speaker at an event, to guest write for prestigious publications or to take part in podcast or video interviews.

Imagine what it would be like to have your blog posts widely read by a lot more people than before. It would help you be seen as an authority, and it would also be satisfying and exciting.

If you can imagine it you can make it happen!

Is this course right for you?

We have created this course for midlife business women who have already started to blog.

If this is the right time to make some lasting changes, you’ve come to the right place.

Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • Tick sunflowerYou value being taken seriously, but don’t enjoy promoting yourself. You just want to explain better what you do. And stop worrying if anyone is interested in what you have to say.
  • You don’t engage easily or naturally online, but would like to change that and are willing to invest the necessary time.
  • You are intelligent and self-thinking, but feel unsure about the latest social media practices and may even feel intimidated by younger bloggers and social media users.
  • You are aware of the potential social media has to help you grow your blog and don’t want to get left behind. You feel strongly that now is the right time for you to take action!

These courses are not for you if …

  • Cross flowerYou want quick-fix tricks to promoting your blog.
  • You are not willing to invest the time to make good things happen. Just signing up and reading our content will not magically give you results – your actions will!
  • You hate technology and modern communications with a passion. Hell will freeze over before you put up a message on Facebook. Seriously, we are not geeky, but we want you to have a go. Everything will be there on our website so you can take it slowly.
  • You’re expecting to make 'loads of money' from your blog at this stage. We help you develop an authentic and successful online presence. We hope that helps you raise your fees, develop new products, swim in a bigger pool and be happier. But it is up to you.

Get ready to improve your skills …. watch out world!

Once you know more deeply how to promote your blog and attract readers, the world is your oyster. You will feel confidence to promote your posts and enjoy seeing the results on social media.

You may even find yourself the centre of attention at a party talking about how well it works for you!

"Thank you very much, your e-course has made a real difference to me.  The initial webinar set the tone, the daily prompts helped me focus, build a structure and find my sense of direction.  I feel far more confident to find my way around my blog site and have confidence to implement the functions.  All of the week’s material was outstanding and in fact was simply pure gold.  Thank you very much."
Deborah Lewis-Pummell

How does it all work?

  1. Once you have paid you will receive 3 emails:
    • An email from PayPal acknowledging your payment.
    • An email from MailChimp with a confirmation that you've joined our special list.
    • An email from us with details of how to register on our website.
  2. Once you've registered, you will be directed to the page where you can access your material.
  3. There is also a special page to help you, called Course Users, which you can find in the navigation bar.

How much are the Attract Readers™ Courses?

This course costs £137 per person.

There are no add-ons, teleclasses, or Facebook groups – the perfect option for anyone who is motivated, organised and happy to follow our step-by-step process alone.

You will also receive several Bonus Resources as a thank you gift.

Click the button below to buy "Get your blog seen in the right way in the right places"

If you're not sure if this course is right for you, please email us or arrange to have a chat with one of us.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Attract Readers™ e-course in any way, we will give you a full refund providing you notify us within the first week from the start of the course. No questions asked.

Click on this button if you know of someone who would also benefit from this course, and tell them about it.


Have any questions? question-1262378_640

Q: Do I have to have a blog to be able to take part?

A: Yes, it is much better because then you will be able make the most of the course. Incidentally it doesn’t matter which platform you use (WordPress, Blogger, etc) or whether your blog is on your own website.

Q: I have only just started blogging and use social media – will I understand the technical information you provide?

A: We give you that information as clearly as possible so you can work at your own pace and not feel hustled. We do our best to avoid jargon and be reassured we are not remotely geeky, so no need to worry.

Q: How will my course be delivered?

A: This is an online course and the learning material is in a dedicated area on our website. You will be able to download, save or print the 10 parts and all the bonus materials.

Q: How long does each course last?

A: there are 10 parts or 'lessons' in  this course. You can complete the course in a weekend or break it into smaller chunks and take as long as you like.

Q: Do I need to have a login username and password to access the course?

A: Yes after your purchase you will receive an email that explains how to register so you can access your e-course material.

female-768690_640Q: How much time will I need to spend on my course?

A: It depends how much you know already and how excited you are about the changes you are making. We estimate 20-60 minutes per part (there are 10 in total) and the maximum will depend on you. We hope you will do so well that it will be worth spending more time on your course.

Q: Will I have to write new posts every week?

A: Please note that our focus in these e-courses is about how to present old and recent posts effectively so they attract more readers. How much new content you create is entirely up to you. There is no pressure to produce new posts every week, as all our tips will help you to produce better blogs in the long run.

Q: What happens if I can't work through in one go? Or if I’m on holiday?

A: All the information will be there, waiting for you to access or download it for whenever you are ready. Just have your username and password ready. Sometimes you might like to work through several parts in the evening or weekend. And of course some people actually prefer to work that way.

Q: Is your information up to date? I know the internet is always changing.

A: What an excellent question. Luckily most of the recent changes are in favour of professional people who care about their reputation. People offering the latest trick or guaranteed short cut are now in trouble. Alice won a National UK Blog Award last year which certainly wouldn’t have happened if she were not up to date in her thinking. You won’t get any out-dated slick answers that may have worked in the past from us.

InternetQ: I am worried you may not understand what I want to do with my blog, which is probably different from everyone else.

A: The most important thing is that you are clear about what you want your blog to do, and what it is all about. All three of us have worked with hundreds of businesses in workshops and with one to one clients. Provided you want to be a helpful voice on the planet it will be fine. Of course we don’t touch anything immoral, illegal or unpleasant, but then we don’t think you do either.

Q: Money is tight at the moment, so how will I know this is a good investment?

A: If you value the knowledge and expertise of three professional business women who have been blogging and teaching about blogs for many years can bring to you to improve your blog, then you will understand and appreciate what is on offer here.

Q: What if I already know some of what you're covering?

We know that when it comes to social media and blogging, everybody brings different experiences, expectations and prior knowledge to a course.

However as experienced trainers we appreciate the fact that knowing what to do and 'doing' it can be two very different things. Therefore we have designed our course to help you turn knowledge into action.

Even if you already do some of what we're covering, we think you will enjoy knowing that you're on the right track or feel inspired to be consistent in your approach. And of course you can also skip bits and move on to the next point!

"Blogging lends itself to being a solitary activity at times, so to be able to engage with others who are like-minded and have valuable experience to share, has been a great help to me in defining how I want to take my blog forward."
Nicky Kentisbeer

Q: Are you available to give extra help along the way?

A: We have a support system for our course participants, ranging from individual Skype sessions to an ongoing support programme where we take you from zero to hero for as long as is necessary to make your blog the best it can be!