Final roundup of International Women’s Day blog posts (3)

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to focus on subjects related to women.  But of course there are stories and viewpoints always being – not just on this special day.

In this roundup we hear from a corporate career gal making the most of retirement,  the can-do attitude that defines entrepreneurs, the interdependency of all life, how to achieve balance (the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, and two inspiring stories from other parts of the world: an amazing nurse in Belize and a woman’s co-operative in Morocco.  Finally a report from a tech conference for women held in honour of International Women’s Day.

Sit back, and comment if you enjoyed it or have something to add!

Diane Faben   “Balance for Better – A Personal Reflection”

I retired from corporate life in June 2017. Well I say retired, it was more of a throw my toys out of the pram and walk away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The first thing I did was to go travelling for six months, which was when I started blogging. Two things I never thought I would do in my life, travel and write. For the first time in my life I had space and time to do something different. ​ Read more of Diane’s adventure

Lindsay McLoughlin  “Do you possess a can-do attitude?”

The question for me was: “What could I possibly write that’s significant enough to interest you on International Women’s Day?” Today, with this question preying on my mind, I went about my daily business…As Regional Director (RD) for the Athena Network, I had four meetings with four different women. The first was with a potential member looking to grow her business network; and my fourth and final meeting was a cream tea appointment with the conference organiser at a local hotel.So, a varied and interesting – not to mention, delicious! – day in the life of a Regional Director..  Read more of Lindsay’s post on Linked In

Fiona McKenzie  “No Woman is an Island”

One of the most memorable lessons I learned in school was the concept of the food chain. Simplistically, animals eat grass and we eat those animals.

Growing up in the sixties where humans were considered all powerful, top of the heap, it was fascinating to realise how dependent we ultimately were on grass.

More recently I have been amazed by various discoveries about the interdependencies of life both globally and microscopically.

I was charmed to learn that sands from the Sahara help fertilise the Amazon Rainforest. Fiona wrote as a guest on the Attract Readers blog. Read more here

Shirley Anstis  “Are you ready to create balance in the world?”

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter and it stems from a desire for equal outcomes between men and women. Equal achievement and life chances provides role models for others and allows everyone to celebrate the success of the many rather than a handful of women being outliers.  But how do we achieve progress that doesn’t take another 100 years?  Shirley’s post can be read in full here

Caroline Joyner Lind   “Miss Rachel: an inspirational story from Belize”

Straddling Central American jungles and the Caribbean sea, tiny Belize has it all – pristine rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins, wildlife galore and miles of white sand bars surrounded by crystal clear waters.  This melting pot of Central American and Afro Caribbean cultures attracts tourists from all over the world,  however, the reality of city life here is a world away from the serene beauty of the Cayes. Belize has the third highest national murder rate in the world, with its capital, Belize City, being mostly responsible for that ugly statistic.

Jean Wolfe  “Women’s Argan Oil collective”

I had heard of Argan oil and knew it had amazing health-giving properties.  I had also heard that it is often processed by women’s co-operatives giving women in Morocco independence in a mostly male-dominated culture. As we got out of the car a young woman wearing the full hijab introduced herself to us in excellent English.  Read more of Jean’s experience

Louise Towler  “Report from the Tech(k)now Conference for International Women’s Day”

I was excited to attend the TechKnowDay Conference on Saturday 9th March, a conference for Women interested in Technology, timed to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The talks started with an excellent overview of open source and also the ways that people can contribute to open source technology projects  See more of Louise’s review of the conference


Do any of these posts connect with your own experience?  Leave the writer a comment.

What stories and viewpoints can we find for the other 364 days of the year?

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