Attract Readers™ EU Users

European FlagOur e-course participants from the EU have access to personal support . Once you have gone through your chosen course, you have the opportunity to receive

1. A 30-min individual personal support session

  • To help get clear on any blogging questions or issues around the course
  • To help consolidate what you’ve learned, keep momentum high and stay on track with your blog

Prior to this session, we will invite you to email us the url of your blog so we can think about your blog in advance. You also outline the areas you wish to discuss. These can be business, personal, strategic, how-to aspects from the course or other related blog technical issues.

“I loved the way that you had all taken the time to ‘know about me’ before we spoke. The way that you wanted to help me and my particular areas of lack and the fact that you made sure you covered all the points that I had raised was evident. Brilliantly structured. You are all very knowledgeable in your respective fields and that comes across on the call. It was a perfect ‘wrap-up’ having completed the course. Invaluable advice, which is very much appreciated. Lots of food for thought, ideas and motivation as a result.”
Nicky Kentisbeer

2. A follow-up email from us

This may include additional feedback and ideas that surfaced during the session.

“I was very motivated that the three of you really “got” what I am trying to do. I had not had that before.”
Catherine W


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