1.     Please note, that Attract Readers is first, and foremost a focused business blogging course. By signing this form, you agree that you understand that the outcomes you achieve from taking this course will depend on you working proactively on your business goals. This means completing all weekly or monthly tasks in accordance with what you commit to, both at or in between the meetings.

2.     Also, whilst both the facilitators and the Attract Readers members will happily share experiences, provide feedback and pass on personal tips or advice, they will not be liable for the outcome of any business decisions or actions you may take because of your involvement with Attract Readers. You are responsible for seeking specific, strategic, or financial advice from independent professional business and financial advisors, who are specialists in their fields.

3.     In case the facilitators or Attract Readers members connect or refer you to other professional service providers, please note that any arrangements made between you and any third party named or referred by Attract Members are entirely at your sole risk and responsibility.