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During March we set up a Blogging Challenge with the aim to  to inspire women to share their voice more, to get in front of more readers,  and ‘meet’ other like-minded writers and their blogs.

We are also supporting a women's charity as part of our challenge and have linked up with the Womenkind Worldwide 'Share a story' initiative during March.

Womankind is a registered charity dedicated to helping women and girls in Asia, Africa and South America.

They aim to end violence for women and girls, empower and educate them and help them reach financial independence.

Please help us to make a difference!

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More about what we are doing and why

This challenge runs on 7 & 8 March 2019 which coincides with International Women’s Day.

We know that lots of women bloggers make a positive difference with their blog and we want to celebrate that we can write what we think. Whilst we may not be able to change the wider political situation, we can make our corner of the world a little better for others.

That's why we are asking for donations towards are chosen charity Womenkind Worldwide 'Share a Story' initiative which marks International Women's Day.

Make a difference too

We hope you will join our challenge (if you haven't already) and help us to support our chosen charity Womenkind Worldwide

You can donate directly to our fund via the button below:

Thank you very much!

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