Blogging Challenge Roundup – business focus

Women who run a business joined in our International Women’s Day blogging challenge.  Read some of their posts on this page and think about joining us for the Attract Readers Blogging Challenge on 7th and 8th March 2019!


Alice, Jean & Ute

First things to consider when producing a memorable small business event

Organising eventsby Trisha Mentzel

When organising a small business event much of the time is spent in the planning of that event whether it is a workshop, seminar, small exhibition with speakers, and your events success is all down to the planning and in the details. Read more here…


Walk to the Rhythm of your Heart

Nicky walkingby Nicky Kentisbeer

Continuing with my theme around Celebrating Success and Cheerleading, I am going to be talking to Heather Waring today who has recently launched her new business around walking and transformational walking experiences.  Read more here…


baby birdMy Digital Mums Story (part 2) — Time to Fly the Nest

by Helen Watson

My training is finished. My final report has been submitted. The campaign has gone really well, I’m happy, my client is happy. This means that it is now time to fly the Digital Mums nest and face the world as a freelance social media manager. Read more here…


Tax codeWhat does my Tax Code mean?

by Rosie Forsyth

Tax codes are dropping through letter boxes at the moment for 2016/17 and causing complete confusion for many due to the new dividend tax rules. Read more here…

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