Blogging Challenge Roundup for women at work

Women at Work is a popular subject for our Blogging Challenge to celebrate International Women’s Day. Here are blog posts contributed by women bloggers in previous years. Join us on March 7th and 8th in 2019!


Alice, Jean & Ute

yogaSharing the Success of E18 Yoga

by Nicky Kentisbeer

Over the last couple of weeks in my blog I have talked about Cheerleaders and Celebrating Success as part of a series and challenge to celebrate International Women’s Day. Read more here…


Madeleine VionnetMadeleine Vionnet – my role mode

by Dara Ford

Today I’d like to introduce to you a remarkable and inspiring woman who is a true role model to me and who, in my opinion, is not as well known as she ought to be. Her name is Madeleine Vionnet and she was one of the greatest fashion designers and couturiers of the 20th century. Read more here…


career pathWhy career decisions are never final

by Trisha Mentzel

I often wonder if other people had a clear cut idea after leaving school what they wanted to do. Was your school good in assisting in career choices? Read more here…


Queen Elizabeth IIRa Ra for QE2

by Sarah Seymour

Several people last week suggested our Queen would be a good person to include in my 50 faces series for 2016.  So if you were one of those people, here is your answer!  I hope you like it. Read more here…

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