Blogging Challenge Roundup on posts about women

March is International Women’s Month when we run a Blogging Challenge.  Here are some posts written in previous years and we encourage you to join us on 7th and 8th March this year for our International Women’s Day blogging challenge. It should help you write a post related to women that you might not otherwise write.


Alice, Jean & Ute


EqualityIs Equality the same as Fairness?

by Alison Whistler

I’ve been a Family lawyer since 1995. I deal with clients who are getting divorced and need help with the legal processes surrounding the separation, finances and children issues.

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Glass Ceiling

Think the glass ceiling’s as bad as it gets for business women? Try being old!

by Ute Wieczorek-King

A few days ago, a statistic circulated on Twitter that some people greeted with great excitement. According to Prowess 2.0* just over half of all self-employed people are women – evidence that women are overtaking men in entrepreneurship.

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It's only depressionDepression and Me

by Valerie Harrison

It’s only depression. Snap out of it. You’ve still  got two arms and  two legs, you can still get about. It is best not to say anything. Why would you want to? People will think your mad!  No, best to keep quiet.

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Malala50 Faces in 52 Weeks

by Sarah Seymour

Well done to anyone on the blogging challenge who found this week’s blog!  Last week was my first attempt – a short story, which a few people read and commented on (thank you!) It was deliberately different to my usual posts because it was for 29th February, the ‘extra’ day and a chance to experiment with being someone different.

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Personal PerspectiveA personal perspective on International Women’s Day

by Trisha Mentzel

Today is International Women’s Day. I suppose it is very telling of our time that we should have the need for a day to mark women’s achievements and where they are not treated in the same way as men.

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Chapter 1Stupid Girl – Change Your Story Change Your Life

by Yvette Puliga

I caught myself reflecting and backtracking on my own personal transformation and journey to here. Knowing about mind set and how it impacts us, is an essential skill that I encourage everyone to master, whether you are a business owner, freelancer, executive or a stay at home mum.

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