Blogging Challenge Roundup for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Below is a selection of posts from week 1 of our 4-week blogging challenge.


Alice, Jean & Ute


8 March International Women's Day


Mother's DayMother’s Day in the Post-Apocalyptic Post-Mum Era

by Catherine Osborn

I know I won’t be the only person missing their mum (or indeed my mum) this Mother’s Day. In fact, I remember telling her how lucky I was to have two parents… only for her to die five days later. Well, they do say pride comes before a fall. Read more here…

Do women fear leadership?

CheerleaderWho’s your Cheerleader?

by Nicky Kentibeer 

When was the last time you cheered yourself on?

Come to that when was the last time someone else cheered you on?

Who gives you the inspiration to continue to do your thing?

Read more here…

LeapyearFree Extra, Leapyear

by Doreen Gowing

Once in four a ‘free extra’ day leaps into our life. Well you know how we love FREE and EXTRA in our lives, it’s splattered all over the place from morn ‘til dusk. Read more here…


HelleboreWe Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

By Shirley Anstis

A well known politician said something similar a while ago and got some stick for it. But I am amazed by how we think we know a lot about people we only see in the media and online. Read more here…

The trouble with Mother’s Day

TulipsWho is your Woman of Substance?

by Mary Fraser 

Welcome to the month of March – the arrival of Spring, the extending of the days and a great opportunity to celebrate womankind with International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday.  Read more here…

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