Blogging Challenge Roundup – something personal

For our Roundup 5 we've selected some personal posts from week 4 of our blogging challenge.


Alice, Jean & Ute

Lily90th Birthday


Wednesday 16th March was my mother’s 90th birthday. Following on from last week’s blog I thought I’d write about her early life and changes. Ninety years would be too long to cover in one blog. Read more here...

Angela TilbyArtist's Choice for Holy Week

by Sarah Seymour

This is Angela Tilby, the Diocesan Canon at Christ Church, Oxford. As it is Holy Week she seemed a perfect choice for my seventh face out of 50 in 2016. Read more... 


Well doneHow we stifle our children to keep them safe

by Catherine Osborn

Before I had children, I often thought about what it would be like to be a parent, and how much I would teach them. I never really stopped to think about how much they would teach me. Read more here...

Cat storiesOne story, one minute, one decision, changes everything


Denise stood up on stage , she centred herself and then spoke … I was captivated in awe, and inspired it really was a magical moment.  Her short talk connected me to myself in the moment everything about her words, her the underlying message and the weight of her words moved me to tears. Read more here...


DaffodilsWho was your inspirational teacher?


La bhrea samhrain a bhi ann ….’ translation – ‘It was a fine summer’s day …‘

I recall every essay written in Irish started with this phrase in O-level year in a certain Grammar School in the north of Ireland.  It was the summer term of 1975. Read more here...

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