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Get new insights and ideas in our 5-day blogging challenge for women bloggers

Are you in the early stages of blogging and would love some inspiration?
Or you're blogging regularly, but it’s all a bit 'same old same old'?

This is a blogging challenge for women bloggers who feel a little hesitant or not very web savvy. It is an event with a difference!

We're not asking you to publish every day - although you can if you wish. We want to challenge and inspire you to think about your blogging from a new angle.

Blogging challenge for international womens day

We know it can be hard to keep a blog going. Maybe you're not sure if your posts are being read. Or self-doubt has crept in and you wonder if you're going about in the right way.

Whether you're a business or personal blogger we will help you reconnect with your blog in a purposeful way during this blogging challenge.

blogging challenge for women bloggers

Your writing will help to increase the number of women making a positive difference.  (We usually support a women's charity too with our blogging challenges)

Considering what is going on in the world, we want to celebrate the fact that we can write what we think on our blogs.

We may not be able to change the wider political situation but we can make our corner of the world a little better for others. 

So we should do it!

7 reasons why you should join this blogging challenge for women bloggers

  1. Because every day during the week we will inspire you with a different approach, mindset or writing technique to add a spark to your writing. Some may challenge your thinking a little (this is a challenge after all) others may give you a new way to express yourself.
  2. You can write any number of posts during the week on business or personal topics that are important to you. (Even one is enough if that's a challenge for you). 
  3. You could also make a difference to a woman or child in need through a donation to our chosen charity Womankind.
  4. You'll get publicity out of joining and your posts will get seen by more people. We will promote some of your contributions in our blog roundups and on social media.
  5. This short writing initiative is easy to fit into your schedule and won't be a burden.
  6. You will get added confidence with blogging and gain from support in the friendly Facebook group. You will have at least one, if not 5 new posts you might not have written, and comments you might not otherwise receive.
  7. Last but not least, you could win a prize of a blog support package (worth over £250) when, during the challenge, you carry out any new bold blog-related activity. The sort of thing you might not have had the confidence to do on your own.

What previous participants told us

"I’m feeling rather proud that I have managed to write 3 posts and one to edit... I've really enjoyed the challenge!"
Mary Fraser 

"Thank you for creating the space to share your writing and encourage each other. I left many more comments than I normally would so that felt good too. 

Shirley Anstis

"This has been a great exercise to sit down and write, so good for confidence!

Trisha Mentzel

"Thank you for organising this and for all of your guidance and support. It’s been fabulous, a wonderful time of sharing."

Nicky Kentisbeer
"Thanks for the encouragement, it's been fun and I will aim to blog more frequently now."
Amanda Bouch

How this blogging challenge works

  • Joining is completely free. However, we may ask for a small donation to Womenkind Worldwide which we have supported before. (Our donation button is at the bottom of this page.)
  • The actual challenge usually runs from Monday to Friday in our chosen week.  Our private Facebook group will be open from the previous Friday.
Blogging challenge International Womens Day
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  • You publish a minimum of one post (or video or podcast) during the week and share the link as well as your progress updates in our private Facebook group.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you write on your own blog, guest blog elsewhere (e.g on LinkedIn, Medium or one of our blogs), or what length your posts are. That’s all up to you!
  • Every morning you will get an email from us with tips and ideas to inspire you and help you keep going.

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challenge for women bloggers?

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Make a difference by supporting Womankind - a registered charity dedicated to raising the status of women. (Please note, donations are voluntary and can be made at any time before, during or after the challenge) 

Thank you very much x