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We know it can be hard to keep a blog going. Maybe you're not sure if your posts are being read. Or you've had a setback and have lost your blogging mojo.  Perhaps self-doubt has crept in and you wonder if you're going about in the right way.

Whether you're a business or lifestyle blogger, our 2 to 5-day online blogging events help women like you to reconnect with your blog in a purposeful way.  And to create content that attracts more readers!

Don't procrastinate, if you want to blog, then blog.

Join us to get inspiration, support and greater visibility

  1. Your hosts Jean and Ute, owners of Attract Readers, will inspire you with a different approach, mindset or writing technique to add a spark to your writing
  2. Your posts will get seen by more people as we promote your contributions on social media.
  3. You will get added confidence and gain from our webinars/ videos and support in the friendly Facebook group. You will write at least one new post on a topic that is important to you. And you'll have ideas, feedback or comments you might not otherwise receive.

What recent participants told us


" There was warmth in the group. Whilst I wrote a business-style blog for this challenge, it was really enjoyable to be in a special community for a particular reason!"

Lyndsey McLoughlin

"Having a deadline got me to do a blog which raised awareness of my brand. I also enjoyed reading other people's posts and it was a good reminder that a personal commentary piece can be just as effective as a more factual one!

Tanya  Ces Maneiro

"Thank you for organising this. Such an amazing selection of posts. It’s been fabulous, a wonderful time of sharing."

Nicky Kentisbeer

"Thanks for the encouragement. I love this challenge. It makes such a change to get real comments not spam. 

Amanda Bouch

How this blogging event works

  • There may be a fee to take part, or we ask for a donation to Womankind Worldwide 
  • The event runs for up to 5 days and includes webinars and lots of individual support.
  • You write a specific number of posts (or videos/ podcasts) and share the links and in our private Facebook group.
  • You can publish on your own blog or guest blog, e.g on LinkedIn, or one of ours. It's up to you.
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