Want an easy way to boost your online presence?

Creating blog posts and other content for your site (both business or personal) can be a very enjoyable experience…if you know what to focus on. The right content is vital because it helps you to build your credibility so you get known and trusted by your readers or potential buyers.

Read on, if your existing blog content hasn’t achieved the desired results. Or something else is holding you back from writing confidently online and achieving greater visibility.

We know that for those who are young, technology minded, or love writing, blogging seems easy.

Our courses and writing challenges are for you if you …

  • aren’t young or web-savvy
  • don’t have much experience of writing publicly online
  • worry about entering a crowded market and having little to no chance of making an impact
  • aren’t sure about finding the time – often a particular concern for women who run their own business
  • don’t know how to get your blog read by the right people who enjoy it and come back for more!
  • enjoy learning in your own time whilst knowing there is support should you need it?

Well if that’s you, you’ve come to the right place!

We currently have one Ecourse available:

“Unlock the power of your unique voice”

A perfect course for authors, personal bloggers and solo business owners who blog to raise awareness of their book or service. It is for blogging women who want a truly authentic way to connect with their reader. Let us show you how to use your voice more powerfully so you can whisper and be heard.   

The following courses or events are currently unavailable: 

Give your blog a boost with our next challenge

If you are an existing blogger, enjoy inspiring women, and would like a new guided writing challenge, our one-week Mini Challenge could be the catalyst you need. We usually start around 1 March to celebrate international Women’s Day together on 8 March. 



Kickstart your writing 

Our popular short course with blog writing tips for beginner bloggers or refreshers is currently not available. If you are interested, please email us and we will let you know when it will be online again. 

Get your blog seen – in the right way and the right places

Our 12-part online course for new or existing bloggers who want to use social media effectively to promote their posts, attract more readers and new opportunities.