Blog Posts about women for International Women’ s Day and beyond (2)

This roundup of blog posts is a good eclectic mix.  You can read about the effects of the menopause (which will make you laugh and perhaps cry!), about whether the women of the future will have the financial luxury to live alone, the story of the very tough life of a woman .. to be the subject of a novel, and the declaration on the blog of a new commitment to a political career! You are also encouraged to think about who inspires you .. it may be someone close to home.

But we start where it all began … with Eve.

Susan Preston  “What connects Eve with International Women’s Day?”

The International Women’s Day theme this year is Balance for Better. I wanted to write about Eve… you know – the first woman according to.

Why write about her?    Two reasons. She brought balance, and because she has long been blamed for the Bible something she did not do… sin. Eve often wears the label ‘the one who sinned,’ and who tempted her husband to sin  Read more of Susan’s article

Nicky Kentisbeer  “There are no words”

There will be times when, ‘there are no words’. Just none. At the very moment you are about to deliver the sentence of your life with the best punchline ever, your mind empties. Completely.
For the many of us that have reached the midlife stage of life, congratulations. We made it. Many of us will have grown up during a time that periods and ‘women’s business’ were shrouded in secrecy ….  Read on for Nicky’s view on the menopause

Christine Ingall  “To celebrate International Women’s Day”

Women living alone today are breaking the social stereotype mould. For International Women’s Day my blog this week focuses on and celebrates the fact that, in 2019, more and more women in western society are able to enjoy the freedom and choice to live alone.

But can this continue for the next generation in the UK?  Read more on Christine’s blog

Gill Buchanan  “A Tribute to Molly”

Molly Hugh was an extraordinary woman and I’d like to remember her on this, International Women’s Day.

In 1925 at the tender age of fifteen Molly and her sisters and one older brother were thrown out on the streets with their deaf and dumb parents. Father, Anthony, had become ill and his shoe-making business had fallen on hard times and in one fell swoop they had lost everything  Read more of Gill’s story

Deirdre Hounsom “International Women’s Day”

I’m writing this blog post on International Women’s Day in celebration of the day and to all women who continue to inspire, struggle and survive in this world today and to announce the fact that I am standing as a political candidate in the May local Council Elections!

Re-locating from Maidenhead in the Thames Valley to the beautiful Sid Valley in East Devon twelve years ago, I have become very involved with the local East Devon community,  Discover more of Deirdre’s plans

Ute Wieczorek King  “Inspirational Women – who inspires you?”

‘Inspirational Women- Who Inspires You’ was the theme for one of the big events I used to organise for International Women’s Day. For each event, we chose a keynote speaker with an inspirational story. A story about how they were able to overcome whatever life threw at them.

Ute’s inspiration comes from someone close to home

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