The blogging love that makes your customers come closer

The blogging love that attracts readers and brings customers closer

Whenever I chat to female business owners about blogging, it surprises me how many new bloggers leave their blog unloved and uncared for. Often, after the first flourish to get some posts published, there’s no follow-up. And I also hear how time-consuming they find the writing and publishing, and how difficult it is to attract readers.

This always reminds me of giving up too early on a new diet because it is too hard to keep the diet going.

Sometimes we con ourselves: we want it easy and we want quick results. Despite knowing deep down that getting results will ‘cost’ us something … namely the time, willpower and effort we have to invest in reaching our goal.

With dieting the goal is often quite easy to define (e.g. to fit into that pretty dress you bought last year for a special occasion).

With blogging the goals can be a lot more varied – getting readers, becoming known in your industry, signing up new customers, preparation for a book… and that’s just a few different ones for starters!

Make your goal your driver

There is one simple thing most new bloggers often forget to do – remind themselves that reaching your goal is the reward for all your hard work. It’s the reason why you are giving up big chunks of your time to sit at your desk alone instead of networking with a few lovely colleagues over a coffee.

And why would you not want to give up your time when you also remember that your blogging can invite a following – a community of people who are attracted to you because they feel that you’re speaking to them. This doesn’t need to be a huge community by the way; it just needs to be the right one for you.

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Blogging gets much easier when you feel the urge to help potential customers who are experiencing the kind of problems you can solve. Perhaps because you’ve experienced them yourself or you have helped your clients to move on from theirs. Either way it shows that you can relate to what they are going though.

So how can you tell that you attract readers?

That whatever you put out there is working for them?

Well you can see it in their actions, and there can be many different ones beyond the obvious one that everyone seems to want … and lament when they don’t get it – a comment on their post.

For example they may follow you on any of your social media platforms they are also on whether that’s Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Perhaps they even ‘friend’ you on your personal page!

Or they will ‘like’ a post, share it by ‘reblogging’, retweeting or sharing generally. If you’re lucky they might include a personal recommendation for others to see or they may message you.

Perhaps they bookmark or ‘favourite’ your updates, click on your other posts, your ‘about’ page or any other page on your website. And if they like what they see they may also want to watch a video (if you have one) or download a free giveaway.

And when they feel they want to stay even closer in touch with you they will sign up to your blog or your newsletter.

There are degrees of closeness online just like in your offline relationships!

But without having an active blog on your site you may never see people act and interact with you in the same way.

So please show your audience some blogging love. Write that post you’ve been meaning to write for so long and show that you care about helping your readers.

By you reaching out and taking the first step to build a relationship with them, they are more likely to come and stay close to you.

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Ute Wieczorek-King

Ute Wieczorek-King (founder of Success Network) is an experienced business coach, mentor and trainer. She started blogging in 2007 and some of her posts have been published on Huffington Post and Prowess 2.0. Ute facilitated the first hands-on social media courses for Business Link in 2009 and has run 'social' courses for local councils, BME communities, charities and SMEs. She also held blogging workshops for a Start-up Academy and bootcamps for her clients and believes that blogging is the best way for women (particularly those who are a little shy) to promote themselves and get known.

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