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My mission and what I bring to Attract Readers 

As Co-Founder of Attract Readers my mission is to help midlife women to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from sharing their voice confidently online so they can get known for all the right reasons. 

I bring a lot of relevant expertise to Attract Readers and believe in  blogging as the trusted and dependable partner to the fleeting nature of social media.

Blogging works

As an early adopter of social media in 2003 and blogging in 2007, it was my blog that helped me to build my brand online and convert readers to customers. It also helped me to gain attention further afield when I got invited to write for Huffington Post and Prowess UK, to contribute to The Guardian's business forum or speak at networking events.   

We don't have to shout our message from the rooftop. This is something my midlife clients appreciate most, especially when introvert or a little shy. Our blogs help us to create an authentic and meaningful 'home' in this transient online world. 

My social media expertise  

Social media and blogging have always featured highly in my work. My first 'social' workshops in 2008/2009 were the first in the South East to be government funded and made social media accessible for hundreds of business women. They helped them to raise their profile online, and many of whom have since gone on to achieve wonderful things. 

I ran workshops for independent business owners, networking groups, charities, local councils and start-up academies, as well as  "Just-Do-It" Blogging Days for my Mastermind group members. 

How I came to support women  

My personal experience as a female business owner in a competitive and male dominated business world showed me how little support there was for women with a heart-led mission to make a difference in the world.  

Success Network tried to fill this gap from 2005 to the end of 2020. It quickly became much more than a network. Women would trade services especially in the start-up phase, and they would learn all about marketing, finance, social media (and blogging) in the small Co-Mentoring Groups I created. One of these 'Circles' ran for 13 years, supporting its members from start-up through significant change and growth, to the sale of the business or retirement.

Twice a year we ran what became the largest independent motivational event in the Thames Valley 6 years running, to mark International Women's Day and Women's Enterprise Day. Because our focus was on building knowledge and skills, as well as dealing with our internal mindset blocks, these events were endorsed and sponsored by government funded organisations and large financial institutions.  

What clients say   

My clients describe me as a "creative thinker", “able to generate ideas and solutions others don’t see”.  I am also proactive with a practical and "down-to-earth approach" to turning ideas into action. 

As a fan of Portfolio working I enjoy utilising all my skills and currently divide my time between Attract Readers and Business/Career Coaching.  

I was recently told that without my "personal branding, interview experience and motivational skills", my client wouldn't have got her dream role at a global tech company. It is always nice to hear that coaching can make such a difference. 

Professional Path and Personal Lessons      


 As a native German speaker and qualified teacher based in the UK,  I spotted a need for specialised business language training in the 1990s. With a  degree in German, English, Psychology and a PGCE under my belt, I decided to take a leap of faith and founded  a corporate language training service that grew steadily over the next 10 years. 

My Focus 

My company offered European languages and ‘English as a Foreign Language’ courses, which all led to recognised certifications. Specialising in a niche market with large IT and Telecoms companies, my training was sought-after by Graduates, Middle and Senior Managers, many of whom were Expats too. On one occasion I ran a communication skills and team building workshop for a group of employees with 20 different nationalities! 

I enjoyed designing distance and blended learning courses, one of which, back then, was a rather innovative computer-based learning programme for a major British airline. 

My mission from the beginning was to make learning engaging by providing a personalised rather than off-the-shelf service. Ensuring that all courses were taught by experienced teachers to a very high standard also helped my company to stand out from my competitors. 

The mindset and strategies that have helped me

This exciting time taught me a lot: 

  • To never say NO to new opportunities 
  • I can excel outside my comfort zone... (an interesting discovery)
  • It is not a good idea to do everything on your own
  • Making mistakes is part of the learning
  • There is always a way, even when things don't look very promising

When my contracts disappeared due to training cuts and job losses during  the crash, I trained as a Performance Coach for Business.  I could now offer a blend of cross-cultural coaching and communication skills training. It helped a number of highly talented IT Expats from Europe and Asia to adjust to cultural differences and improve their performance.   

Personal Life

As one of the first independent coaches in my area, I specialised in the areas of leadership, career change and business start-up but was also keen to help other mums in business to improve their work-life balance.

For me, raising 3 children as well as running my business from home, the boundaries had often been blurred. Prioritising  your own needs when you're a busy mum (or grandma!) isn't always easy. 

I was forced to do it when my family experienced some turmoil with illnesses and bereavements. It was when I trained in Reiki and found that Buddhism, Mindfulness, Healthy Eating and creating a chemical-free environment help me too. Especially when it comes to managing my chronic lung disease in the pandemic. 

Photography and writing have become my favourite creative outlets and I get a lot of pleasure from pairing my favourite images with my motivational 'musings' on Instagram. 

The two most helpful aspects of Ute’s blogging day were a) feeling forced to actually write something and b) the constructive but non-critical feedback that I had in the group calls and in the forum. Ute’s writing experience and her tips for getting past some of the obstacles helped and, as ever, she was able to point out ways to make my message more effective. I shall be writing a lot more in future. (Susie C)


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