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About Attract Readers Founders Ute Wieczorek-King and jean Wolfe

Ute Wieczorek-King + Jean Wolfe of Attract Readers

We are Ute Wieczorek-King and Jean Wolfe  who each took up blogging when blogging first started. Whilst it was exciting and fulfilling we also had to overcome some reluctance to promote ourselves online and still remain “professional".

We know that what may be an advantage in your business or life – good education, dislike of self-promotion and a professional approach – may be a barrier when it comes to marketing yourself online.

When you start with a disadvantage you miss out on all the amazing opportunities for authentic online marketing.

“I always believed that my writing would help other women. But truth be told I used to feel very shy online (especially as English is not my first language) and it took me some time to find my voice,  Ute
“Coming to the internet after personal and professional upheaval I needed a good dose of support and encouragement to go online . .. although I had good writing skills and knew what to do.” Jean

Jean and Ute founded Attract Readers with Alice Elliott in 2014. Alice stepped back 2 years ago but still provides technical support to our Attract Readers clients.

What's different about us?

a plant growing inside a lightbulbJean and Ute are both specialists in helping people to flourish and businesses to prosper. They enjoy applying the best of their extensive business, marketing, blogging and social media experience in the 'Attract Readers' ecourses and blogging clinics.  

They see the bigger picture and not just the blogging questions presented to them.

This helps their clients to achieve major breakthroughs with their blog or website in a very short time.

They will always help their clients find the easiest, most effective solution to any blogging, business or marketing problem.

How else you benefit from working with us

Growing plants

  • You have clarity and confidence to move forward and share your message online
  • Your focus is on the right content for your specific audience and you write and present your posts so they make a noticeable impact
  • You learn to promote your blog in the right places and get the most from social media
  • Your blog will not only grow lots, you will feel empowered and proud of your site when you engage Jean & Ute's support. (Want helpful blog reviews, writing feedback and tons of encouragement?)

What if you need technical support?

We can also help you with pesky or complex WordPress technical issues that can so easily stop a blog's progress. Our colleague Alice Elliot is always on hand to solve WordPress problems via email.

Known as the Fairy Blogmother, she has provided the technical 'how-to' modules in the Attract Readers ecourses. Our course users particularly love her simplified WordPress tutorials in the 'Kickstart your first blog' course!

Attract Readers mission: “To help 10,000 women get their blog out in the world so it brings them personal fulfilment and professional success.”

Quick facts about Jean and Ute:

Our experience: Social media and blogging - 30 years. Running our own businesses - 40 years!

Education at University: BA (equivalent) in English, German and Psychology, plus PGCE; B.Ed English and Education, BSc Psychology;

Further training: Diplomas in Business Performance Coaching, NLP, Reiki; Coaching, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Hypnotherapy, Presenting on Radio; Advanced Certificate in Marketing

Interests and enthusiasms (apart from blogging and business): Continued learning, gardening, flowers, photography and Instagram, cooking, baking, camping, walking, playing ukulele, growing orchids, theatre, comedy, travelling. France and anything French, going to music festivals,, knitting, crochet, writing poetry. And, of course, our families!

So we hope we've covered everything you wanted to know about 'Attract Readers'? If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us here.