A Writing Exercise to make sense of it

writing exerciseWhen adversity hits it tends to exaggerate our underlying nature.  There are some people hoarding and disregarding social distancing and some who disregard their own safety to look after others first.

It can be difficult to find reality.  The trouble is sometimes focusing on the “bad” thing makes us feel worse, but assuming there is nothing to worry about can just be a denial.  And during a single day our feelings can change from fear to trust and back again.

A Writing Exercise gives space to think 

As bloggers we find writing is a good way to let our thoughts and feelings out.  Writing your worries fears and hopes out of your head and on to paper so effectively clears some space.

Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes.

Get something to write on.  Pen and paper or a screen – whichever you prefer. Set a timer for 5 minutes. I love an old fashioned egg timer but of course have a stop watch on my smartphone..

Start to write the first thing that comes into your mind beginning with:

“I am a bit worried that..


“I should be able to cope because …

When you have written out your first thoughts, move to the other sentence.

If you are still writing when the 5 minutes is up just keep going.  Very often your deeper feelings will emerge the more you dig down.

If you find it leads into a story or a memory that’s fine too.

Just getting your thoughts into words is helpful.

It is as though you are putting your thoughts and feelings in a bottle and can look at them more fully.

When you have done it there may be something that surprised you, or led to another question you hadn’t thought of.  Sometimes you might find you are motivated to take some action.

Let us know in the comments.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The current coronavirus situation is not going away quickly, and this could be a useful way to keep in touch with yourself.  Especially if you are looking after others.

Your safe space appears when you write.

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