4 reasons why consistency is important in blogging

Consistency in blogging

Many writers, both beginners and experienced, will find the process of publishing consistently in their blogs a real challenge.

However, it is a vital activity, especially when it comes to help promote your business and get your website in front of more potential clients.

Here are some reasons why you should be focusing on the consistency of your blogging:

1. Consistency for visibility

The old marketing rule of showing your product at least 7 times to your potential customer before they decide to buy is now defunct.

Unfortunately it is now more likely to be multiples of 7 times. This makes marketing much more difficult, and may take longer to achieve results.

However, by using blogging to show off your product or service in a myriad of ways, you can extend this method to explain things differently from various slants and viewpoints.

And all this activity will help forge a better relationship with your customers. You see, if they consistently see another version of how your product can benefit them, it will keep your business in the forefront of their minds for when they decide they do need your help.

And in this world of fast-moving promotional activities, consistency is key if you want to maintain your business visibility on a regular basis.

2. Consistency for frequency

I’m often asked how frequently a blogger should publish: daily, weekly or once a month?

Actually to avoid my answer sending the blogger into an editorial frenzy, I find out what their normal pattern of work is.

You see, if you are extremely busy working ‘in’ your business, the added extra burden of working ‘on’ your business by blogging once a week may be totally implausible. You may have the best intentions to do it, but practicalities hinder you from doing so.

So you need to find a time in your diary when you can block out blog writing so that it won’t hinder your other work. And if this can only be once a fortnight or month, then so be it.

And if you religiously keep to your schedule, by scheduling it appropriately, including putting aside time for research, writing, editing and promoting, you will be more successful in maintaining a consistency in your blogging activities.

3. Consistency for search engines

Blog posts that appear at specific times, whether it is daily, weekly or once a month, will soon grind their own specific rut in the blogosphere.

If you are totally rigid in when you publish your post, say 10am on a Monday morning, without fail, the search engines will soon learn to expect a post at that time, and will have a spider waiting to index it.

This can be accomplished by writing your posts in advance (done either when you have some spare time, or you have successfully put aside a specific time in your diary), before scheduling when they are published accordingly.

And if you are exceptionally canny, you will have created an editorial calendar. This will show exactly what you are going to write about for which week, month or whatever, on which subject dependent upon a seasonal event, a product you are developing, or a service you have expanded upon.

This will help cut down the dead time spent wondering what to write about, give your subconscious time to work things out, and to organise suitable research ready for when you start to write your blog post.

4. Consistency for readers

It’s not only the search engine spiders that will be waiting for your post, but your readers as well.

If they know that on Monday morning there will be something exciting or worthwhile reading, they are much more likely to visit your blog to find out what it is.

Or they will more readily subscribe to your blog, because they know they won’t be disappointed. It’s a bit like knowing their newspaper will plop onto their door mats each Thursday morning, so your blog posts will appear in their in-box at an expected time.

Again this consistency will keep your blog, and what you say in it, in the forefronts of your readers’ minds. Also if they are impressed enough, they will be more likely to leave a comment and share it on social media.

And if there is consistency in your blog being mentioned on social media, the algorithms which rule how these platforms work will soon pick up on this, and will increase the visibility of your posts across their systems.

What to do next

If you want to know more about how consistency can help you to attract more readers to your blog, check out our latest e-courses designed to help you achieve this.

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