10 reasons why you need a business blog

10 reasons why you need a business blog

A business blog brings your website to life.  It brings colour and a new dimension to your business website.  The tone can be friendly and more conversational and readers can connect by commenting.  Blog posts written regularly are the perfect way for Google to help you get found on the internet.

Let’s be honest a blog does take time to write and think about.  However, once you get into the rhythm of it, you find that it becomes easier to write.  My customers  will tell me something they feel passionate about. Once I have said ” You should write a blog post about that” they realise they have got a lot they want to say!

It is an authentic and fulfilling way to write about what matters to you and how you make a difference. It helps your customers to know like and trust you.  You build the trust factor by explaining why you do what you do, and doing it.

What can a business blog do for you?


business blog is home

Give you your own permanent home on the internet.  You will always be a visitor on social media. Your blog posts can last for years. and belong to you for ever.  Social media is like an exciting party, but your home is the place you come back to.

Your business blog helps potential clients understand how you are perfect for them

You can answer questions in one place.  Reply to the questions you are continually asked and put your answers in a blog post.  You can link to the post in other places like your email signature.  The questions you are continually asked give you wonderful market research information!

Write about case studies in a conversational way using the power of story telling. Because blog posts can be written in any way you like it can all be more engaging than elsewhere on the site.

Show the personality of the company.  You can include behind-the-scene information and demonstrate the personality of those involved in the business. The tone of voice you write in can be natural to you which makes it more engaging for your customers to read.  Many businesses I know find it difficult to write their website pages, but are happy writing a blog post as it seems more authentic.

Capitalise on social media by having more information on a blog post.  Once on your site you offer some interesting information for free in exchange for an email address.  Then you can stay in touch and lead them to a purchase.  This is the vital first step before you spend money on advertising.

Allow engagement with readers who leave comments.  You can reply to their comment which increases the sense of community, and also provides a backlink to your site.

Boost your credibility

Be found on the search engines.  When your blog post title matches with what people are searching your site will be offered to them.  You find out what people are searching for by using software like Google Analytics, a WordPress plug in like Monster Insights, or Jetpack.. Search engines love new information.  You can link your post to the words you want your blog post to be known for by using a plug in like Yoast or All in One SEO.

Allow engagement with readers who leave comments.  You can reply to their comment which increases the sense of community, and also provides a backlink to your site.

Connect to other blog owners.  When you leave a comment on another blog it creates the opportunity for connection.  A valuable and supportive comment is more likely to catch the attention of the blog owner, and increase the opportunity for a guest blog post. Your own blog is like an impressive business card and the name (url) of your website so people can check you out.

Your business blog can give you credibility and authority with the people you help, but also with those who are higher up “the food chain of influence”.

Starting ground for ideas.  Your blog posts can be the starting ground for giving a speech, writing a book, developing a podcast or paid-for content like a course.

A blog can be the perfect place to help you develop your ideas, and give you the space to express what is really important to you.  It helps your clients but also boosts your own authenticity and creativity.

Continue with your blog if you have already started one, or start your blog now!



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Jean Wolfe

As an established marketer, writer and ex radio broadcaster, Jean Wolfe helps women to speak up for their way of doing business. As a "wordsmith" she is fascinated by the fact that blogging is a more enjoyable and authentic way to market a business. Her creative and inspiring writing tips are a big asset to the Attract Readers e-courses.

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