10 reasons why writing list posts is good for your blog [Infographic]

writing list posts

You’ve all been told that list posts can be popular with your readers, but they are also good for you as a blogger and for your blog. I’ve created an Infographic to explain why:

10 reasons why writing list posts is good for your blog

And here’s some code you could paste into your own posts (via the text mode) if you want to share this Infographic with your readers.

1. Numbers are irresistible

There is something about a number at the beginning of a blog post’s headline that your reader cannot resist. It smacks good value, regardless how high the number is. People like lists, whatever the subject.

2. Organise your thoughts better

By stripping your idea or content down into a list, you are forcing yourself to think more carefully about how you explain it to your readers. A good list should show you know what you are talking about.

3. Give ’em what they expect

There’s something reassuring about a list post, and readers know they will get the answers to their problems in an easily digestible format. The number used will also indicate how long the post will be.

4. Prove your expertise

Because you can write this list means you know your stuff. You need to have suitable knowledge to find enough items to create the list, and to include the additional material that goes with each point.

5. Make it shareable

Lists are easily shared with others. And because they are so attractive, they will be readily received. It’s like getting a ready-made to-do list without the reader having to do all the hard work themselves.

6. Consider the time-poor

In this time-starved world we all skim and scan posts to see if they are worth reading or not. And a good meaty list full of fascinating facts is a sure-fire way to convince your reader your post certainly is.

7. Easier to remember

Giving out your information in small packaged facts is much easier for your readers to digest. Lists can become more memorable if they begin with specific keywords, or form part of a mnemonic.

8. Link back to other posts

A list of links like this could be called a round-up post. These are particularly welcomed by both readers and search engines alike. This is an exercise that could have far reaching consequences for your blog.

9. Boost your page ranking

The search engines are programmed to search out list posts, as they usually signify popularity and heavy sharing results. Bullet points and numbering stimulate the SEO experience of your blog post.

10. Give your readers their lead

And once you’ve finished writing your list, why not ask your readers to continue it, or offer alternatives. This feedback will help all who read your post, and the interactive engagement can only be good too!

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