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We are Jean Wolfe and Ute Wieczorek-King
and we welcome you to Attract Readers™

We've run 'Attract Readers' together since 2017 after co-founding it with Alice Elliott in 2014.  Blogging is a powerful part of our own businesses. 

Blogging has helped us to achieve a level of visibility that has created success, whether gaining new business, developing a successful radio career or having content published by major online publications.

But even more, we know from personal experience how blogging and social media can seem daunting.  Writing a popular post can seem like an impossible dream.  We want to share what we have taken many years to learn so that you can get there more quickly.

"I loved the way you had taken the time to 'know all about me' before we spoke. The way you wanted to help me and my particular areas of lack and the fact that you covered all the points I had raised was evident. Brilliantly structured. You are very knowledgeable in your respective fields and that comes across on the call. Invaluable advice providing lots of food for thought, ideas and motivation as a result."

Nicky Kentisbeer

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A selection of blogging e-courses carefully designed to make your blog more successful that can be accessed at any time.

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If you are an e-course user, be reassured we will help you throughout the whole process and you can access your special page here:

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We have created a series of support packages to help you both during and after you've completed our e-courses.

"Thank you very much, your e-course has made a real difference to me. The initial webinar set the tone, the daily prompts helped me focus, build a structure and fine my sense of direction. I am a real computer phobic... but I know that being outside our comfort zone is where we learn and I thank you for that. Learning about WordPress from watching videos was so illuminating and I have learnt so much from them. I feel far more confident to find my way around my blog site and have confidence to implement the functions. All of the week's material was outstanding and in fact was simply pure gold. Thank you very much."

Deborah Lewis-Pummell

"You  got what I was trying to do, and I had never had that with anyone else before. The vagueness and lack of direction have gone, and I have a new sense of stability."

Catherine W

Catherine W

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